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A combination of Dressage Training and Performance Coaching. Focusing on improving, and growing the rider’s mindset so they can achieve their best!

Danielle Pooles

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Danielle Pooles is a qualified EA NCAS Riding Coach, Life Coach and a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner……..

Danielle Pooles

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My mission is to inspire riders of all levels to catch the ‘growth’ bug! So, they become super excited and motivated at the possibility of the future they can create for themselves in their riding…….

The 7 Mistakes Riders Make When Out Competing Guide

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Setting Goals for Success
Setting Goals for Success
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Setting Goals for Success
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Providing weekly inspiration, mindset and body language tools, and Dressage tips.

Riding Learning Styles


In the 65th Unstoppable Equestrian video blog, I highlight the four riding learning styles and explain the characteristics of these styles.    I also talk about my Riding Quiz you can …