• Alexandra Medved from Safety Beach VIC – Elem/Medium EA Dressage
  • Phoebe Roche from Jindalee QLD – FEI Grade 4 Para Dressage
  • Sophie Taylor from Bellbrae VIC – EA Novice/Elem Pony Dressage Young Rider
  • Sharyn Symonds from Launching Place VIC – HRCAV Dressage
  • Nicole Sweney from Auckland, New Zealand – ESNZ Level 4 & PC Dressage
  • Danni Hampton from Strathalbyn SA – EA 1* Eventing
  • Amelia Stuckey from Brisbane QLD – EA Prelim/Novice Dressage
  • Melissa Taafe from Warragul VIC – EA Advanced Dressage

Congratulations to all of the sponsored riders, I look forward to working closely with you over the year to support you in achieving your goals!

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Alexandra Medved

Horses: AC Reverie R and NEP Kennedy’s Wish
Level: EA Elementary and Medium Dressage
Location: Safety Beach, VIC

Alexandra has produced some fantastic tests over the years on her beautiful mare, AC Reverie R (aka Toffee).

Winning the Mitavite Novice Championship in 2016, placing at the 2016 National Championships at SIEC in Novice, and some impressive results in her Elementary test throughout 2017.

Alexandra also owns and rides a 3-year-old GRP called NEP Kennedy’s Wish (aka Charlie), and she is aiming to compete in the 4yo Young Pony classes later this year.

On top of this Alexandra also owns a float company, Equiluxe Horse Floats, you can download your free Horse Float safety guide at

This year Alexandra’s competition goals are to produce a lovely-to-watch Medium level test and qualify for the Australian Championships and Victorian Dressage Festival.

Dedication and passion are clearly some of Alexandra’s greatest qualities! I’m sure these qualities will assist Alexandra to achieve her 2018 competition and training goals!

Sponsored Riders

Phoebe Roche 

Horses: Saddle Up Romper Stomper and Power Of Attorney
Level: FEI Grade 4 Para Dressage
Location: Jindalee, QLD

Phoebe is really setting herself up for success in her riding by currently living with her trainer, Manuela McLean in Victoria, which is away from home for her. This is in preparation to train and qualify for WEG this year, which is being held in North Carolina.

As an FEI Grade 4 Para Dressage rider, Phoebe keeps her two beautiful Warmblood’s in full-time work, this helps her to maintain her muscle strength as Phoebe lives her life with Cerebral Palsy & Spastic Quadriplegia, making riding a fun and suitable therapy as well as a big passion!

Phoebe is also a member of the National High-Performance Squad, and her dedication and determination are fantastic qualities within Phoebe that I know will help her achieve her goals this year.

You can follow Phoebe’s journey on her Facebook page Phoebe Roche Para-Equestrian at

Sponsored Riders

Sophie Taylor

Horses: Raven Lodge Aura
Level: EA Novice/Elem Pony Dressage Young Rider
Location: Bellbrae, VIC

Sophie is our youngest rider of the team, at only 14 years old, and is a member of the Victorian Young Rider Dressage Squad.

Sophie trains her beautiful pony, Raven Lodge Aura (aka Emma) 5 times a week, and over 2017 Sophie successfully competed at Novice level. Consistently placing in the high 60% low 70% and receiving the Rising Star Novice Pony award on both days for the Open EA Dressage Championships held in October.

This year Sophie is stepping it up again and will be moving up to the Elementary and FEI Pony Classes.

With Sophie’s lovely position, eye-catching presence and dedication, I’m sure Sophie will go far in 2018.

Sponsored Riders

Sharyn Symonds

Horses: Patangas Tiny Dancer & Xena
Level: HRCAV Level 3 to Advanced
Location: Launching Place, VIC

Sharyn has experienced lots of success in the Adult Riding competition world over the years. After training her now retired horse, Flash through from Level 4 to Advanced level she is now starting again with two young horses.

Patangas Tiny Dancer (aka Tiny), a 3yr old ISH by Celtic Blue Diamond, is freshly back from the breakers and already started to grow with Sharyn.

And, Xena, a 6yr old Clydie x TB only recently started under saddle after beginning her life as a broodmare.

It will be an exciting year for Sharyn with goals to get both Tiny and Xena out and about to club and then competing in Level 3 this year.

Sharyn’s drive and commitment to always growing and pushing herself out of her comfort zone will definitely work well for her with the young ones this year!

Sponsored Riders

Nicole Sweney

Horses: Flute Noir
Level: ESNZ Level 4 (Elementary) Dressage
Location: Ararimu (Auckland, New Zealand)

Nicole is the very proud owner and rider of her ESNZ Level 4 (Elementary) horse, Flute Noir (aka Tiggy).

They have recently started competing at Level 4, and already showing they are very competitive at this level, winning their first Level 4 start in December.

Along with her brother, Nicole has recently launched a new online Equestrian training business called SmartCoach.

This is an online platform where you can upload a video of you riding and select a coach or judge of your choice to provide feedback as a small subscription cost. To find out more visit

Nicole’s 2018 goals are to begin schooling the flying changes and experience successful results in terms of riding with a positive mindset at competitions. With Nicole’s strong ability to focus her mind I know she will achieve this and more.

Sponsored Riders

Danni Hampton

Horses: Wynara Bronze Medal, Kalinga Nora & Viscount Visage
Level: EVA 1* Eventing
Location: Strathalbyn, SA

Danni is a very dedicated rider, with three horses in training, and always out competing, she lives and breathes horses!

Last year saw many great results for Danni, with wins and places on her little pocket rocket pony, Wynara Bronze Medal (aka Ollie) at EVA 105 and 1* level. Plus, lots of wins and placings on the two other horses, Nora, who she leases, and Marty, who she riders for the owner.

Danni’s 2018 goals are to qualify and compete at Melbourne International Horse Trials on Ollie at 1* and continue to move up the Eventing levels with Nora and Marty.

Danni displays commitment and desire to push herself out of her comfort zone and always continuing to grow, fantastic qualities in a rider!

Sponsored Riders

Amelia Stuckey

Horses: Remi Lady Flo
Level: EA Preliminary/Novice Dressage
Location: Moggill (Brisbane), QLD

Amelia is relatively new to the world of ‘pure’ dressage, having previously competed mainly in Eventing and Showjumping. She has been riding and competing Remi Lady Flo (aka Pumpkin) for about 10 months and has now been bitten by the Dressage Bug!

Amelia’s strength being hard working, motivated and consistent in her training will definitely help her to achieve her 2018 goals to qualify for the QLD State Dressage Championships and the AAOR Australian Championships, as well as moving up to Elementary level.

With a background in psychology, Amelia is a passionate advocator and understands the importance of growing her mindset to improve her riding results and enjoyment.

Sponsored Riders

Melissa Taafe

Horse: Revelwood Martini
Level: EA Advanced Dressage
Location: Warragul, VIC

Melissa grew up showing horses successfully at multiple royal shows and at the age of 17 she changed disciplines to Dressage.

Melissa is now passionate about Dressage and currently competing and training her 9yr old Warmblood gelding, Revelwood Martini (AKA Marti).

Successfully qualifying and competing at the Victorian Dressage Festival for the last 6 years, and the Australian Dressage Championships in 2017, she has the goal to qualify and compete at 2018 Australian Dressage Championships and Dressage Festival as well as make her FEI debut.

Melissa has a very high level of commitment, enthusiasm and passion for Dressage and is very driven and motivated, always strives to achieve her best.

Which is why this will be Mel’s fourth year in a row on the Dressage Plus team, she is exactly the type of rider I love working with and watching grow!

Sponsored Riders