• Tracey Baker from Somerton Park SA, EA Prelim to Advanced Dressage Rider
  • Stacey Briggs from Rochester VIC, CIC** EA Event Rider
  • Amy Ross from Wanneroo WA, Medium EA Pony Dressage Rider
  • Serena Middleton from Lancefield VIC, Level 2 HRCAV Dressage Rider
  • Emily Yeoman from Williamstown VIC, EA Prelim & Grade 2 PC Dressage Young Rider
  • Melissa Taafe from Warragul VIC, EA Medium/Advanced Dressage Rider

Congratulations to all of the riders, I look forward to working closely with you in 2017 to support you with achieving your goals!



Horses: Danson Dynamic, Thiacan Don Royale, Cooramin Ladymeyer and Rustic Gold
Level: EA Prelim to Advanced Dressage
Location: Somerton Park, SA

Tracey has had a lot of success over the years with her beautiful gelding Danson Dynamic (Duke).

Purchasing Duke as a 1 day old foal, she went on to win and place in many Championships both in SA and Victoria, at big events like Dressage with the Stars and the Dressage Festival.

Currently with five horses in work Tracey keeps herself very busy with her own Equestrian business, Avalia Dressage, were she trains and sells performance horses and also provides riding lessons/ clinics.
You can check out Tracey’s website at

Tracey’s day starts very early to get her horses ridden before going off to her full-time office job. She is also currently breaking in Rustic Gold, a stunning German Riding Pony colt to compete Pony Dressage in 2017.

Dedication and motivation are clearly some of Tracey’s greatest qualities! And I’m sure these qualities will assist Tracey to achieve her 2017 competition and training goals!

Tracey Baker riding Danson Dynamic
Tracey Baker riding Danson Dynamic


Horses: Little Napoleon (Bowie)
Level: FEI Eventing CIC**, Dressage: Elementary and SJ: Mini Prix (1.25m+)
HRCAV – Dressage: Level 1 and SJ: Advanced
Location: Rochester, VIC

Stacey purchased her cheeky Stock horse, Bowie, as a 4yr old. Moving up the levels together in the 3 disciplines successfully over the years is something she should be very proud of.

Since 2013 Stacey has been a member of the Victorian Senior Eventing Squad.

Weekends for Stacey usually involves traveling around Victoria and NSW seeking the best competitions.

Stacey’s 2017 goals are to consolidate at two star level eventing, and move up levels in straight Dressage and SJ grades.

You can follow Stacey and Bowie’s journey on her Facebook page or on Instagram at @stacey_briggs_eventing

Stacey Briggs XC 2016
Stacey Briggs riding Little Napoleon


Horses: Ma Belle Ami (Bella)
Level: EA Medium Pony Dressage
Location: Wanneroo, WA

Amy is the very proud owner and rider of her Medium level, Anglo Arab, Dressage Pony, Bella.

They have recently started competing at Medium level, showing they are very competitive against the horses, and with the goal to be one of the few Pony Dressage combinations to be competing FEI over the next couple of years.

Amy is also riding and competing a 17.1hh Hanoverian gelding called Brock. He is primarily a show jumper, however Amy is campaigning him this year in Dressage in preparation for his sale.

With an interest in performance mindset and psychology, Amy is a passionate advocator, and understands the importance for growing her mindset to improve her riding results and enjoyment.

Amy Ross Trot 2016
Amy Ross riding Ma Belle Ami


Horses: Maydn Winchester (Winchester)
Level: HRCAV Level 2 Dressage
Location: Lancefield, VIC

Serena represents the adult rider, a dedicated, busy, working woman that loves her horse!

Over the last 3 years Serena has trained her Clydie x QH x Arab gelding, Winchester, from green broken to now nearly being pointed up to Level 2.

Serena’s goal is to ride a Dressage test that is light and harmonious and a joy to watch.

Welcome to the Dressage Plus team Serena!

Serena Middleton 2016
Serena Middleton riding Maydn Winchester


Horses: Formal Alliance (Gilbert)
Level: EA Prelim & PCAV Grade 2
Location: Williamstown, VIC

Emily is our youngest rider of the team, at only 14 years old and is a member of the Victorian Youth Dressage Development Squad.

After recently moving on from her pony to a TB gelding, Gilbert, Emily is focusing on her Dressage.

Emily’s 2017 goals are to qualify for PCAV State Dressage Championships and Interschool Nationals, as well as moving up the grades in both EA and PC competitions.

With qualities like willingness to learn and grow, ability to focus and practice what she learns in lessons, I’m sure Emily will go far in 2017.

Emily Yeoman Trot 2016
Emily Yeoman Riding Formal Alliance


Horse: Revelwood Martini, (Marti)
Level: EA Medium and Advanced Dressage
Location: Warragul, VIC

Melissa grew up showing horses successfully at multiple royal shows and at the age of 17 she changed disciplines to Dressage.

Now at 27 years of age, Melissa, is currently competing and training her 8yr old Warmblood gelding, Marti.

Successfully qualifying and competing at the Victorian Dressage Festival for the last 5 years, with the goal to qualify and compete at 2076 Australian Dressage Championships and Dressage Festival.

Melissa has a very high level of commitment, enthusiasm and passion for Dressage and is very driven and motivated, always strives achieve her best.

Which is why this will be Mel’s third year in a row on the Dressage Plus team, she is exactly the type of rider I love working with and watching grow!

Mel DF Dec15
Melissa Taafe riding Revelwood Martini