Tips for Horse Riding while Pregnant

In the 93rd episode of Unstoppable Equestrian, I share with you 8 tips that I’ve learnt so far along my riding journey while I have been pregnant!

I am now 7 months (31 weeks) pregnant and about ready to turn Rondo out for her break!

When I first fell pregnant, I search the web for helpful blogs and articles about riding while pregnant, but I didn’t find much. So, thought I’d record some of my top tips, or things to think about to help make other riders ‘pregnancy journey’ easier!

My top 8 tips are:

  1. It’s your choice – well, you and your partners!!
  2. Find comfy jodies – super important if you’re experiencing any morning sickness!
  3. Go to the toilet just before you get on – Enough said!!!
  4. Take a snack and drink bottle to the stables with you
  5. Manage your mindset – know when the right time to stop riding is for you
  6. Have a loose plan – and I mean really loose, who knows how your journey will go!
  7. Put a monkey strap on your saddle – it’s ok to do this!
  8. Dismount onto soft ground!

Enjoy your next ride!


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