New Year Check In!

In the 69th Unstoppable Equestrian video blog, I do a new year check in and share some exciting news that we are working on here at Dressage Plus.        

My beautiful mare, Rondo, joins me in this recording! She thought it was a good opportunity for her to get some smoochy time in, which she absolutely loves!!

I also share with you a new project I am working on in conjunction with Equilivin. Which is a new Equestrian App that will be launching very soon in the new year.

Equilivin will offer mini-courses on all types of Equestrian topics, like rider fitness and health, horse health and wellness, training tips, mindset and goal setting, which is the course I will be providing when the app is launched!

You can follow them on Facebook at

I’d love to hear what your 2019 riding goals are in the new year, so please feel free to share!

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I will see you next Thursday!


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