Specialised training, aimed at building relaxation, confidence and focus in both horse and rider through riding lessons.

Danielle values Classical Dressage training methods and works with the rider to improve the understanding of encouraging the horse to move in an uphill, natural balance. Focusing on improving engagement, self-carriage, softness, and relaxation with your horse in your riding lessons.

As an EA Coach, Danielle offers private and group riding lessons. Whatever your level, age, and preferred discipline Danielle is happy to work with you to help you achieve your riding goals.

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Private Lessons                 (45 mins)             $70

Private Lessons                 (30 mins)             $50

Semi Private Lessons       (45 mins)             $45 each

Group Lessons 3 Riders   (1 hour)                $30 each

Club Rally Lessons            (Min 2 lessons)   $80 p/h

Club Mindset Workshop  (Incl workbook) Contact for a price

Travel is free of charge if within 15 minutes of Avonsleigh, Victoria. Travel costs apply outside of this area.

To book with Danielle CLICK HERE

For more information contact Danielle at info@dressageplus.com.au

Teaching Riding Lessons