Hear what some of Danielle’s clients have to say about their coaching experience and their success stories:


“I had my first official Elementary competition today. We had some really nice moments. I felt that I had her much more forward and together.
Excitingly we had a really great week leading up to the competition which normally wouldn’t have been so fun! And interestingly I had hardly any nerves today!. Thanks again for all of your help.”

Andrea Parker, QLD
EA Dressage Competitor
Performance Coaching Client
May 2016

“I am riding now with a new found confidence and focus on what my mare needs to give her the confidence to relax, trust me, and work well. I have changed so many things with my riding in the last few months.

I competed at Boneo yesterday and was the most relaxed I had been at a competition since I can remember.

My mare felt like she could have lost it at times but I just kept to my plan, going over everything I have learnt from you. When I have a strategy to focus on, there is no room for nerves.

Still a way to go but I know I’m on the right road now. Thank you.”

Tracey Lyne, VIC
EA Dressage Competitor
Performance Coaching Client
June 2015

“Dani I have no idea what you have done, but I feel you are a Wonder Woman!! Riding Patrick honestly is so much easier since working with you, and I feel so much progress with his frame and ability to move forward.

Just wanted to remind you if you didn’t already know that you are amazing and thank you!”

Clare Papavs, VIC
HRCAV Eventing Competitor
Riding Lesson Client
November 2015

“I just wanted to say how much I love the diary! I’ve always found myself getting all messed up with my goals and all my notes but I just love how it is all simple and set out in a way that is easy to navigate thought and write in!

Seriously thank you so much!”

Larissa Helen Symec
Performance Diary Owner

“I attended the Feel the Fear and Ride Anyway Workshop so that I could improve my competition mindset, and it was really worth it.

I learnt many techniques about improving my mindset and I can’t wait to put them into action. I think that they will allow me to enjoy my competition more and reduce the pressure I put on myself.”

Steph Hann, SA
EA Elementary Dressage and Pre Novice Eventing
Feel the Fear Workshop
February 2016

“I attended the Feel the Fear and Ride Anyway Workshop in the hope that I could get over my nervous tension and fears in my riding. Also to gain the confidence to get out there and compete on my current horse, while gaining tools for my next horse.

I have come away from the Workshop feeling that this is achievable and now have to re-set my mindset to ‘I can do it!’.

I feel that any rider experiencing nerves and self-doubt in their riding would benefit from attending this Workshop.”

Janine Meakes, VIC
HRCAV, Level 3 Competition
Feel the Fear Workshop
February 2016

“My first experience with NLP was at one of Danielle’s dressage/showjumping clinics. I was a little uncertain at first but once I understood the concept, it has helped me achieve many great things with not only my riding but my personal life as well.

Danielle took the time to understand my way of learning, making each lesson more progressive and enjoyable. When training on my own I now have the mental tools to overcome my fears and reservations that would otherwise hold me back.


My questions never go unanswered for very long, no matter how repetitive or trivial they seem. Without Danielle’s knowledge and passion for helping riders achieve their goals, I would still be fighting for control and afraid of going beyond my comfort zone. My riding goals are now a lot clearer and I have a wonderful connection with my horse thanks to Danielle.”


Allison Rich, VIC

Passionate Rider

August 2013

“I believe that performance coaching is suitable for everyone. The skills I learnt working with Danielle not only improved my riding but have also enabled me to deal with everyday life situations with more knowledge and ease.

I found the most helpful part of Danielle’s sessions is the constant positive attitude she always has and the skills and techniques she uses.”

Brittany Williams
EA Eventing Competitor
Performance Coaching Client
April 2014

“I began my coaching journey with Danielle as I was lacking confidence to deal with the pressure and fears I was facing with my riding.


Danielle has helped me to relax and allowed me the opportunity to share my ideas while encouraging me in a warm easy going way.


I am now feeling more confident and I have plans and strategies in place for the preparation and warm up for my dressage tests. Danielle provided helpful emails in-between our sessions, keeping me on track with my progress. Thanks again for all your wonderful knowledge and help!”


Merran Riddell

HRCAV Competitor 

July 2013

“Before my first coaching session, I had very little knowledge of what makes me happy and how to control my organization and stress levels.


Danielle gave me useful techniques on how to handle my stress and how to organise myself, which has proven successful throughout the year. I found that Danielle was easy to talk to, making me more open to speak to her about my problems.”


Amy Woodstock

Grade 1 Pony Club Rider

April 2014

“Never before have I accepted myself the way I do after completing coaching sessions with Danielle.


I was down on body confidence and struggling with making decisions, many situations made me anxious.


I am a different person now. A better person and a happier one. I have learnt to accept the things that make me who I am and change the things that I do not wish to have around. I can relax and be ‘me’ all of the time.


Danielle took me on a journey of self-discover and her desire to help others has allowed me to be the person I always aspired to be. Danielle is a treasure! I can’t thank her enough for all that she has given me.”


Eloise-kate Litterbach

‘Love Your Body’ Program

January 2014

“Before working with Danielle I felt anxious daily. I lacked confidence and had lost my happy spark. Since undergoing coaching with Danielle I am now able to control my anxiety much easier than before. I am happy with myself and how I am right now! I am happy! I am able to see the positive in everything again!


I found that the whole experience was able to help me overcome my fears of anxiety, not just one aspect alone helped me, more the completion of all 6 sessions.


I believe everyone would benefit from coaching as it allows you to think of every situation in your life in a new light!”


Natalie Keane

‘Feel the Fear’ Program

March 2014