Are You Tucking Your Seat Enough?

In the 75th episode of Unstoppable Equestrian, I share with you the second of three things that I believe you can’t do enough of in your riding, by asking you are you tucking your seat enough?

By this I mean, are you tucking your bum under, rotating your pelvis to create more engagement in your own body, which in turn, helps create more engagement in your horses body!

I truly believe you can’t tuck your bum under enough in your riding. Not only does it help to engage your horse, it also improves your position and allows you to sit on the back of your seat, rather than on the fork of your seat, giving you more confidence and authority in the saddle.  

Towards the end of this video I share an exercise that you can use in your riding this week, and you never know if it works, you might want to use it in every ride moving forward!!

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I will see you next time!


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