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6 Week Riding Plan:

Bringing your Horse Back into Work 


This 6 week Riding Plan PDF is designed to guide you week by week to bring your horse back into work safely & confidently!

Riding Plan Overview 


I love the Riding Plan style & that I can follow along each week. This makes each ride more meaningful & also takes the worry out of deciding what to do in my rides. I also find that I am more decisive & committed.”

- Sandi Chambers - HRCAV & EA Dressage Rider

Who is this Riding Plan for?

  • The rider bringing their horse back into work after a break of 3 or more weeks.
  • The rider that is coming back into riding themselves & feels nervous at the thought of it!
  • The rider that plans to ride 2-4 rides per week. The plan is adaptable each week.
  • A green or young horse; all the exercises are gentle & adaptable to any level.
  • An older & more educated horse; I used this as a guideline to bring my PSG Mare back into work.


My product on a desk

Who is this Riding Plan NOT for?

  • A horse & rider that are in current work 
  • A rider that feels super confident bringing their horse back into work.
  • A rider that only plans to ride once a week, or every now & again.


What is the Focus in the Riding Plan?

As I know just how important it is for my own riding, I have designed this Riding Plan with the riders mindset & horses wellbeing in mind. I've included a big focus on Mindset & Body Language Rider Exercises to help you feel confident & relaxed as you & your horse come back into work together.

Not only do I want to help you bring your horse back in calmly, more importantly, I want this Riding Plan to giving you the tools to feel confident & relaxed as you bring your horse back into work.

What do you receive with this Riding Plan?

  • A two page PDF Overview & How to Guide, outlining all of the Rider exercises & teaching you how to use them to create confidence & focus in your rides.
  • An eight page PDF Riding Plan, with each week on a separate page, making it easy to print off & take out to your saddle up area!
  • A Bonus Week Plan to help you in your 7th week back in the saddle!
  • My two page PDF 'Riders 7 Step Body Check Awareness Guide' to use to improve your position & training aids, with links to seven short videos.
  • A Time Guide as to how long each ride & section (Warm up, Exercises & Cool Down) of your ride should go for.
  • Email support

How do I use the Riding Plan?

Once you have clicked the Buy Now button & purchased the Riding Plan you will be emailed all 3 PDF's, then: 


  1. Download & print ,or screenshot on your phone, all 3 PDF's.
  2. Read the Riding How To Guide.
  3. Plan how many times per week you are going to ride - 2 to 4? This can change each week depending on weather & your commitments etc. 
  4. Commit to a start date that you will bring your horse back into work!
  5. At the start of every week (& before each ride) read the Riding Plan & Rider Exercises How To Guide for the week & decide which days you will ride - put this in your diary or planner!
  6. Ride, practice & grow more stronger & confident with your horse each week!