There is nothing worse than the self-doubt that you can feel when a training ride or competition day doesn't go to plan.
You put too much time and money into riding to not get to enjoy it and get the results you deserve.

The Riders 7 Step Body Check Awareness Guide

What Makes Dressage Plus So Different?

Performance Coaching is life-changing because through Life Coaching and NLP Techniques it teaches you to stop overthinking, and instead, get out of your head and into your body so you can focus and enjoy your rides. Riders all over Australia are experiencing a better connection with their horses and more relaxation and focus in the arena using the Dressage Plus Coaching System. But, how can you know if you are on the correct journey? The answer is to book a Phone Coaching Session or Riding Lesson with Danielle.

Dressage Plus

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We know how hard it is to stay relaxed and confident out competing and sometimes even just in your own arena. As a dedicated rider, I know you invest your well-earned earned money and time into your horses. And to not be able to get to enjoy the journey and process is robbing you of the very reason you bought your horse in the first place……

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