• Melinda Holmes from Dhurringile VIC – Level 3 HRCAV & Prelim EA Dressage Rider
  • Caitlin Scott from Ballarat VIC – Prelim to Elementary EA Dressage Rider
  • Jane Gordon from Mt Eliza VIC – Elementary EA Dressage Rider
  • LJ Braithwaite from Buln Buln VIC – Level 5 & 4 HRCAV Dressage Rider
  • Jeanine Joubert from Mt Compass SA – EV105 Event Rider
  • Melissa Taafe from Warragul VIC – Advanced EA Dressage Rider

Congratulations to all of the sponsored riders. I look forward to working closely with you over the year to support you in achieving your goals!

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Horses: Cataraqui Rhiannon
Level: Level 3 HRCAV & Prelim EA
Location: Dhurringile, VIC

Melinda has an amazing Welsh cob pony, Cataraqui Rhiannon (AKA Dixie), that she has been competing for the past two years.

They have had some great success last year competing and placing at the TTT Dressage and Police Emergency Services Games to name a few.

Melinda has just recently been pointed up to Level 3 HRCAV and has also had some Prelim EA starts as well.

Melinda has exciting 2019 goals to consolidate the basics in her riding and work towards competing Level 2 and riding Novice tests. As well as putting together a Freestyle test to ride at the Tatura Spring Classic in August. I know Mel will have a fun year ahead with her beautiful mare.

Melinda Holmes


Horses: Furstineur DP, Felix & Diverbrook Skidaddle
Level: Prelim to Elementary EA Dressage
Location: Ballarat, VIC

Caitlin is extremely dedicated and focused on her riding, with three horses out competing. Each horse is in a different level from Prelim to Elementary.

As a full-time rider and coach, Caitlin regularly rides 7 to 8 horses a day. She loves figuring out what makes each horse tick and forming a trusting relationship with them.

Caitlin competes often and she had many successes in 2018 and is set to achieve great things in 2019! With the big competitions of the year on her goal list. As well as continuing to train her beautiful horses and move them up the levels.

Caitlin Scott


Horses: Freedom R
Level: Elementary EA Dressage
Location: Mt Eliza, VIC

Jane has recently moved down to the Mornington Peninsula from Canberra to pursue her dream of competing in Dressage on her beautiful 8yro WB mare, Freedom R (AKA Frieda).

After many years riding and training, Jane is now ready to focus her mindset and time towards achieving her competition goals of moving up the levels. She will achieve this by continuing her journey on developing confidence in the competing arena.

Already Jane has created fantastic results at Novice and Elementary level, and with her goal to ride Medium and Advanced tests in 2019, I know she will have a great year.

Jane Gordon


Horses: Ellenbrae Lucia & SJS Poetry in Disguise
Level: Level 5 & 4 HRCAV Dressage
Location: Buln Buln, VIC

LJ owns and riders two beautiful horses, Ellenbrae Lucia (AKA Lucia) and SJS Poetry in Disguise (AKA Aspen).

After some time off due to recovery from serious illness, LJ has realised that life is way too short and she doesn’t want to miss out on this part of her riding journey. Spurring on motivation and determination within her to push herself out of her comfort zone.

LJ’s 2019 goals are to begin her competition journey with her young breaker, Lucia. While also re-strengthen her riding body and her communication skills and mindset in the saddle.

LJ Braithwaite


Horses: Mr Wilson and Bendele Journey Man
Level: EV105 Eventing
Location: Mt Compass, SA

Jeanine is a very dedicated and determined event rider, always striving to communicate better with her horses and searching for that thrill she gets when galloping cross country!

Throughout 2018, Jeanine worked on her mindset to grow and develop her riding and connection with her horse Mr Wilson (AKA Wilson), achieving lots of success in both her training and competition riding.

In 2019, Jeanine’s goals are to consolidate her and her horses’ skills and confidence at EV105 level and working towards competing at 1* level later in the year.

Jeanine Joubert


Horse: Revelwood Martini
Level: Advanced EA Dressage
Location: Warragul, VIC

Melissa grew up showing horses successfully at multiple royal shows and at the age of 17 she changed disciplines to Dressage.

Melissa is now passionate about Dressage and currently competing and training her 10yr old Warmblood gelding, Revelwood Martini (AKA Marti).

Successfully qualifying and competing at the Victorian Dressage Festival for the last 7 years, and the Australian Dressage Championships in 2017 and 2018. Mel has the goal to qualify and compete at the 2019 Australian and Victorian Dressage Championships.

As well as make her FEI debut, while continuing to compete with the enjoyment and positive relaxation that they found in the ring in 2018.

Melissa has a very high level of commitment, enthusiasm and passion for Dressage and is very driven and motivated, always strives to achieve her best.

Which is why this will be Mel’s fifth year in a row on the Dressage Plus team, she is exactly the type of rider I love working with and watching grow!

Melissa Taafe