Sponsored Riders 2024


  • Abby Plant from VIC – EA 1* Eventing & Medium Dressage Rider
  • Bianca Patton from VIC – HRCAV Level 3/2 Dressage Rider
  • Carolyne Page from NSW – EA Novice Dressage Rider
  • Claire Skerman from VIC – FEI Grade V Para Grand Prix Dressage Rider
  • Gail Featonby from VIC – EA Novice Dressage Rider
  • Jo Collier from VIC – EA Medium/Advance Dressage Rider
  • Nicole Wilks from VIC – EA Medium & 6yro Young Horse Dressage Rider
  • Melissa Taafe from VIC – FEI Small Tour Dressage Rider

Congratulations to all of the sponsored riders. I look forward to working closely with you over the year to support you in achieving your goals!



Horse: Wolf Whistle II and Silver Lining LF
Level: EA 1* Eventing & Medium Dressage Rider
Location: Pakenham South, VIC

Abby is a busy young horse woman, with four of her own horses, training client’s horses as a career at Lachaby Farm Equestrian, and also studying at Uni!

With her main passion laying in Eventing, Abby also like to take her horses out to Dressage and Showjumping competitions, currently competing up to Medium level Dressage and 115m Showjumping.

As a lot of riders out there, Abby would say she is a perfectionist, but, this year she is focusing on learning to let go of the ‘what-ifs’ and ride more in the moment. 

Welcome to the Dressage Plus Sponsored Riders team Abby!

Abby Plant


Horse: Saltwater Creek
Level: HRCAV Level 2 Dressage Rider
Location: Willowmavin, VIC

Bianca has over 30 years of experience in the equine world as a rider, coach, judge, and an equine myotherapist. She currently trains and competes her 7yo Clydie x Friesan gelding, Saltwater Creek (AKA Angus) at Dressage HRCAV Level 2.

With an exciting new business adventure this year, Bianca is expanding even more into the horsey world by offering full care agistment and lessons on school horses at Darlynn Park Equestrian Centre.

Bianca also has a lovely yearling Warmblood, Thamesbourne (AKA Toto), in preparation to be her next riding horse. Lots of exciting times ahead for Bianca!

Welcome to the Dressage Plus Sponsored Riders team Bianca!

Bianca Patton Sponsored Riders


Horse: Cupido
Level: EA Novice Dressage Rider
Location: Gross Vale, NSW

Carolyne has been riding her whole life, starting with Pony Club and then adventuring into the world of showing in her late 20’s, with a lot of success.

More recently, Carolyn has found her love of Dressage. She enjoys training and learning with her stunning KWPN Warmblood gelding, Cupido.

After a few setbacks in 2023, Carolyne is looking to make 2024 a year where she can get out and about with Cupido at enjoy their time together.

Welcome to the Dressage Plus team Carolyne!

Carolyne Page


Horse: Regal Quickstep
Level: FEI Grade V Para Grand Prix Dressage Rider
Location: Berwick, VIC

After a serious riding accident a few years ago, Claire’s recovery and return to riding and competing has been a challenging yet rewarding journey.

Now classified as a Para Rider, after her riding accident, Claire purchased her lovely gelding, Regal Quickstep (AKA Flame), just over a year ago.

In a short time together, they have achieved a lot of success out competing and being named on the Para Recognition A Squad for Australia. Most importantly, they have built and continue to develop a great relationship and connection together.

So Claire’s focus this year is to work on her performance mindset, specifically, learning how to block out the outside pressures of high performance and enjoy the journey she is on.

Welcome to the Dressage Plus Sponsored Riders team Claire!

Claire Skerman


Horse: Pep and Charlie
Level: EA Novice Dressage Rider
Location: Gordon, VIC

Gail has been riding for many years and is currently enjoying and growing with her beautiful Warmblood x Friesian gelding, Pep, while also bringing along her young horse, Charlie.

A true horse woman, Gail is extremely dedicated to her horses and to learning in and out of the saddle. Gail is also an EA Dressage judge and horse Physio, keeping her nice and busy in the horse world!

Over the last few months working with Gail I have been able to proudly watch her re-gain confidence in the saddle (becuase of a bad riding accident) and start to get back out competing.

Welcome to the Dressage Plus Sponsored Riders team Gail!

Gail Featonby


Horse: Lacey
Level: EA Medium/Advance Dressage Rider
Location: Benalla, VIC

Jo took up riding later in her life and has already achieved so much. Currently competing and training her schoolmaster, Lacey, at Medium/Advanced level, Jo looks forward to getting out to compete at PSG level this year.

While also training two other horses along the way, with the aim to compete them and continue to build them up so they are strong and beautiful and love their work.

Jo is not only a determined horse woman, she is also a very dedicated and driven business woman, running her own very successful recruitment business, My People Group.

Welcome to the Dressage Plus team Jo!

Jo Collier


Horse: Bloomfield Valentis
Level: EA Medium & 6yro Young Horse Dressage Rider
Location: Teesdale, VIC

Nicole, a mum of two and a dedicated Dressage rider has been kicking goals with her stunning 6yo gelding, Bloomfield Valentis (AKA Armani).

Qualifying and competing at the 6yo Dressage with the Stars class this year and riding some great Medium level tests, Nicole aims to keep moving up the levels over the coming years.

With Nicole’s dedication and drive to always strive to improve her mindset and health I know she will go far and achieve all her riding goals.

Welcome to the Dressage Plus Sponsored Riders team Nicole! Nicole Wilks


Horse: Revelwood Martini & Hollands Bend Bohemian
Level: FEI Small Tour Dressage Rider
Location: Warragul, VIC

Melissa is one of the most passionate Dressage riders and horse owners I know! She is currently competing and training her 15yr old Warmblood gelding, Revelwood Martini (AKA Marti) in the FEI Small Tour. And last year she purchased her beautiful young gelding, Hollands Bend Bohemian (AKA Freddie).

Successfully qualifying and competing at the Victorian Dressage Festival every year since 2012, and multiple Australian Dressage Championships, Melissa always strives to qualify and compete at the Australian and Victorian CDI’s and Championships.

Currently competing at FEI Small Tour, Melissa’s 2024 goals include progressing into Medium Tour.  And do this by traveling interstate to compete at some of the larger competitions. While also growing her connection and training with her young horse, Freddie.

Melissa has a very high level of commitment, enthusiasm, and passion for Dressage. She is very driven and motivated, always striving to achieve her best.

This is why this will be Mel’s tenth year in a row on the Dressage Plus Sponsored Riders team. Mel is exactly the type of rider I love working with and watching grow!

Melissa Taafe Sponsored Riders