In the 65th Unstoppable Equestrian video blog, I highlight the four riding learning styles and explain the characteristics of these styles.   

I also talk about my Riding Quiz you can take to work out what your preferred riding learning style is.

You can download the Riding Quiz here if you haven’t already taken this quiz and answer the twelve short questions to find out what your preferred riding learning style is. 

The four different learning styles I talk about are:

  • Visual – People that learn through watching, or seeing something happening
  • Kinesthetic – People that learn through actually doing an activity, getting a feel for it
  • Auditory – People that learn through hearing how to do something
  • Auditory Digital – People that learn through understanding the facts, data and logic behind something

Next week I will explain in more detail how a rider should learn their dressage tests depending on what their preferred riding learning style is.

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I will see you next Thursday!


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