How to Remember Your Dressage Test

In the 66th Unstoppable Equestrian video blog, I share with you how to remember your dressage test based on what your preferred learning style is.     

If you don’t already know what your preferred learning style is you can take my short Riding Quiz by following this link: Riding Quiz.

The four different learning styles I talk about are:

The four different learning styles I talk about are:

  • Visual – People that learn through watching, or seeing something happening
  • Kinesthetic – People that learn through actually doing an activity, getting a feel for it
  • Auditory – People that learn through hearing how to do something
  • Auditory Digital – People that learn through understanding the facts, data and logic behind something

Next week we will talk all about beliefs around learning your dressage test and how they could be holding you back. 

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I will see you next Thursday!


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